Allie the OT's telehealth solution provides occupational therapy services and consulting via real time video in the client's environment.

Telehealth Services


How can this benefit me as a client?

- Individualized therapy on a one-to-one basis, tailored to your specific needs - Working in your least restrictive environment (your home) has greater relevance and therefore enhances rehabilitation and outcomes - Studies show that clients treated in the home take greater initiative and are more likely to express goals and self-direct their care than patients treated in the hospital - For those who are immunocompromised, there is no exposure to other potentially contagious patients as there would be if visiting the clinic or hospital

How can this benefit me as a family member or caregiver?

- Training provided on optimal ways to complete daily activities, transfer, exercise, and maximize the client's independence and quality of life, lessening the burden of care for you - Assessment of the home providing environmental adaptations and equipment recommendations to increase safety - Reduces the difficulty that can be associated with travel and its costs, and it increases time for therapy or your work in the home

What do I need to have to complete a session?

1. A smart device with camera and microphone access 2. Wifi/Data connection 3. That's it!

How are services paid for?

In order to further the mission of providing medical equipment and supplies to individuals who are uninsured and in need, sessions are paid for out-of-pocket. For each session, 50% of the proceeds go toward funding equipment for individuals who are uninsured or financially in need.

What are telehealth regulations for an occupational therapist in Illinois?

As stated in the Illinois Occupational Therapy Practice Act: "Occupational therapy may be provided via technology or telecommunication methods, also known as telehealth, however the standard of care shall be the same whether a patient is seen in person, through telehealth, or other method of electronically enabled health care. Occupational therapy practice may include any of the following:
(a) remediation or restoration of performance abilities that are limited due to impairment in biological, physiological, psychological, or neurological processes; (b) modification or adaptation of task, process, or the environment or the teaching of compensatory techniques in order to enhance performance; (c) disability prevention methods and techniques that facilitate the development or safe application of performance skills; and (d) health and wellness promotion strategies, including self-management strategies, and practices that enhance performance abilities."