The only mobile medical "lending closet" in Chicagoland, delivering equipment & supplies right to the doorsteps and hospital rooms of those in need.
Examples of Needed Equipment 
How do I get equipment?


Whether you are a healthcare professional assisting a patient, the individual in need, or a family member or friend, send an email stating the needed equipment, height and weight of the individual in need, the delivery location, and when its needed by.  We'll be in touch ASAP!

How much does it cost?


The equipment and its delivery are free.  This is a nonprofit organization solely run on donations.  If you are able to provide financial support which allows us to purchase, pickup and deliver equipment, you can donate here.

How long do I get to keep the equipment?


As long as you need.  If you need it forever, you keep it forever.  If you no longer need it and would like to pay it forward by donating it back to this organization, we will happily find it a new home.

Can I donate used equipment?


Yes!  We are aware of the many people who have equipment collecting dust but don't know what to do with it.  We believe we can work together so no one has to go without a piece of equipment that could improve their independence, safety, and quality of life.  If you have any equipment or supplies that are gently used, yet usable, please get in touch.

Why do you deliver the equipment?


We understand that times of hospitalization and recovery are stressful for the individual and their loved ones.  We also know that typical lending closets: have limited open hours, require pickup from a disabled individual, or require renting an appropriate vehicle for equipment transport.  In addition to these reasons, it is beneficial to deliver in the home because we are able to ensure optimality of the equipment, as well as assess for potential additional needs.

Am I guaranteed the equipment if I email?


If we have your needed item at our Mission Hub, that is an easy yes!  If we do not, we hunt for it.  If we cannot find a used version of your equipment via an individual willing to donate it or additional outlets at a discounted price, such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, or if your needed item is a medical supply that must be new, we look into purchasing it for you.  Unfortunately, our funding is very limited and although we wish we could say YES! every time, we are not yet at that level of financial ability.

Why isn't insurance paying for this?


In today's healthcare environment, a number of these items are not covered by insurance companies, requiring individuals to pay out of pocket.  This organization also helps many who are uninsured.