posts videos to share the joy of the completed Missions as well as to provide you with the information you need to:
A) Increase your awareness of healthcare and rehabilitation
(knowledge is absolutely power in the medical world!)
B) Be prepared when illness or disability comes
(no more being reactive when it comes to our health - let's become proactive together)
C) Advocate for yourself or a loved one throughout hospitalization and recovery
(know the right questions to ask, know how to help)

How to Help Someone out of Bed After Back Surgery

It is so important to protect the spine after surgery! Your surgeon will give you specific precautions (and maybe even a brace!), and likely will tell you to follow "BLT" with all mobility and functional tasks: NO Bending, NO Lifting, NO Twisting. Getting out of bed can be hard when you can't bend or twist! Use this log roll technique to maintain a straight spine. Of course if you've just had surgery and are strong enough, you can implement this technique on your own! But, if you are the helper, remember to always let them do as much as they can for themselves so they can get stronger faster!

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