posts videos to share the joy of the completed Missions as well as to provide you with the information you need to:
A) Increase your awareness of healthcare and rehabilitation
(knowledge is absolutely power in the medical world!)
B) Be prepared when illness or disability comes
(no more being reactive when it comes to our health - let's become proactive together)
C) Advocate for yourself or a loved one throughout hospitalization and recovery
(know the right questions to ask, know how to help)

Mission #2

There is so much that goes into these missions that isn't captured here.  People who live in different states hear about this organization and they contact people here to help and they drive to go pick up equipment and deliver donations and give funds and send packages and it's actually so overwhelming it brings me to tears.  We were able to provide this family with over $2,000 dollars worth of tube feeding nutrition & more - watch here to see it all.  

A big thank you to my friend Taylor, a bilingual SLP, who volunteered to assist with interpretation, and also to Angela, who has done so much for this family outside of this mission, and assisted in the filming and delivery.

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