posts videos to share the joy of the completed Missions as well as to provide you with the information you need to:
A) Increase your awareness of healthcare and rehabilitation
(knowledge is absolutely power in the medical world!)
B) Be prepared when illness or disability comes
(no more being reactive when it comes to our health - let's become proactive together)
C) Advocate for yourself or a loved one throughout hospitalization and recovery
(know the right questions to ask, know how to help)

Mission #8

This one really makes me cry - I think it's a mix of the beauty of their love and the seeing how ALS pulls normalcy and dreams from people in our communities. As Todd says, "this disease just takes and takes and takes". Thank you to the donors who allowed us to provide him with a wheelchair, wheelchair cushion, and egg crate cushion(for another chair in his home). In Chris's words, "It's an expensive disease and we have to look out for each other". We have to look out for each other. We do.

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