posts videos to share the joy of the completed Missions as well as to provide you with the information you need to:
A) Increase your awareness of healthcare and rehabilitation
(knowledge is absolutely power in the medical world!)
B) Be prepared when illness or disability comes
(no more being reactive when it comes to our health - let's become proactive together)
C) Advocate for yourself or a loved one throughout hospitalization and recovery
(know the right questions to ask, know how to help)

Why Is It Important to Protect Your Arm After a Stroke

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

When I watch this video back I realize I seem so exasperated throughout it and I think it's because this means a lot to me! I've seen so many arms with damage that could have been prevented if provided good care from day 1 post stroke.  I didn't talk about arms that become really stiff after a stroke - this is a bit less common initially but definitely happens.  In that case, the therapists may provide special hand or arm splints to assist with positioning, and they'll definitely work on stretching out that arm!  Whether the arm is really loose or really tight, your focus is keeping that elbow supported so the shoulder joint isn't hurt, keeping the arm elevated so it doesn't become swollen and trying to maintain normal range of motion through gentle stretching.  You got this!

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