You are not alone in this.
Individuals & caretakers who have similar experiences
Looking for support & fellowship or up to the task of being that for someone else?

Whether you are...

  • preparing for upcoming surgery

  • currently suffering from an illness or in the throes of a traumatic event

  • recovering from an illness, surgery or traumatic event

  • learning how to navigate your "new normal"

  • living with a disability and looking for social connection

  • caring for someone undergoing any of the above

...these times can be some of the most isolating, intimidating and overwhelming.  The medical language used in the hospital is one that is foreign to many.  Even when not fully understanding what people are saying to you, you are asked to make many choices and it can be hard to know what is best.  Eventually the time comes to leave the hospital, which can be even more unnerving, and the hard work of reintegrating into daily life begins.


Fellowship eases the burden.  My dream is to grow this space so that everyone has someone to turn to.  My hope is that it can be healing for all involved, to give us perspective that from these terrible things came something good.  


Browse below to find someone who has offered to share their experience with you.  If you find someone you would like to speak to, email me and I will connect you.  If you do not see someone you think could help or relate to your situation, I will be privileged to help myself and will also work to make a connection with someone who has firsthand experience.  And finally, if you have experience with any of the above and would be willing to be a source of support for someone, please reach out.  I would love to get to know you.

The only mobile medical "lending closet" in Chicagoland, delivering equipment & supplies right to the doorsteps and hospital rooms of those in need.
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